There is a very broad spectrum of activity within these firms, resulting in an equally broad range of research intensities. What is consistent though, is that these entities undergo fundamental changes at a rate unmatched by most other industries. There is an incessant pressure to statistically improve, that requires a consistent evaluation of diagnostic systems, surgical procedures, administrative strategies, and infrastructure, creating constant opportunities for the R&D Credit in nearly every are of this field.

Advances typically include:

Alternative Surgical Techniques
While advances are typically done by a combination of entities, each entity can take their relative contribution to the solution themselves.

Robotic Procedures
This is an exploding field of medicine, and its impact is uncertain industry-wide. Firms evaluating the impact of robotic procedures typically have many uncertainties relevant to the R&D Credit.

Medical Implants / Devices
There is a massive amount of evolution in this area of medicine, and practices relying on implants and devices typically couple these changes with detailed analytical efforts.

Treatment and Therapy
Treatment and therapy is rarely a static development today. Increasingly, firms rely on detailed analytics and therapeutic approaches to ensure the best rate of recovery.