Our Approach to the R&D Tax Credit

Simply put, EEPB InnovaTax captures the maximum R&D Tax Credit at a reduced burden and lower cost for clients. We are a team of highly skilled CPAs, attorneys, R&D specialists, and data experts with a keen understanding of the current legislative landscape, credit mechanics, and client needs. Leveraging our experience and advanced technical resources, we approach the R&D Tax Credit quickly and accurately.

Our approach is data-driven.

Our emphasis on data analysis is a vital component of our service. Generating reliable results from massive and varied files is our priority. We use customized software tools that are capable of capturing and integrating millions of lines of data. These technical tools—combined with our expertise in analyzing the data generated—allow us to secure the maximum and most accurate benefit for our clients.

Our goal is simplicity.

The rules for claiming the R&D Tax Credit have changed over time, and they are difficult to navigate. There are strict standards for preparing and substantiating the Credit, so thoroughness is imperative. We distill concepts to their essence and organize complex tax structures, ensuring that every solution is simple at its core.

Our process is quick.

Outdated and cumbersome methods of computing and supporting the R&D Tax Credit will lead to a disruption in client operations and an unnecessary demand on time for client personnel. By automating the most time-consuming, manual data tasks, we move our clients quickly through the process.

Our contract is straightforward.

EEPB InnovaTax offers clients a flat-fee, three-phase engagement:


Preliminary Analysis


Credit Development



We give our clients a complete picture of what their Credit will be in Phase 1, and they are only billed if they elect to proceed to Phase 2. An audit of any kind is included for free during Phase 3. This is a uniquely low-risk rate structure for R&D Tax Credit services.