This category focuses predominately on biotechnology, physical engineering, and life sciences, among a few other advanced fields. These companies see research itself as an ‘industry,’ and are typically at the leading edge of scientific and technical advances. These firms are judged by how well and how quickly they generate technical results, and there is rigorous competition to service ideal clients.

Because of their nature, these firms benefit enormously from the R&D Credit, and showcase its most substantial benefits:

Patent Safe Harbor
The highest distinction for research activity, any / all activity associated with developing a utility patent is automatically qualified under a ‘safe harbor,’ and immune to challenge.

University Research
Research done in conjunction with an accredited university can take advantage of special rules, typically increasing the R&D Credit rate.

Prototyping and support
Generations of new specialists are joining this space, focusing on supporting other design and development efforts.

Joint Ventures
Major industries often organize a group of experts to resolve one of the more perplexing or rigid obstacles encountered by them all.