Historically viewed as a technologically insulated and quiet field, there are many new systems and devices that are transforming the industry. Anyone responsible for modern logistics systems will be aware of innovative analytical software programs, RFID tracking systems, robotic automation, and security systems, all of which are increasingly demanded by clients. These systems are capable of increasing performance and lowering costs, ideal conditions for the R&D Credit.

Several improvements have reliably been taken:

Tracking Systems
There are a host of inventory tracking strategies, often relying on RFID stickers and strategically placed sensors. As more companies invest in these systems, there are inevitably integration issues and product nuances that have to be solved.

Software Developments
There are thousands of tracking systems in the world, and thousands of new applications developed for them. Software development is a very likely candidate for the credit in this industry.

Building and modifying automation to fit an industry or facility is a very likely candidate for the R&D Credit.

Predictive Analytics
Analyzing patterns and statistics has been an area of major development in the R&D Credit.