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Data Analytics — A Better Way to Optimize

Data analytics improves decision-making. Most organizations store vast amounts of unstructured and unutilized data, known as dark data. These types of data are a drain on resources because they are expensive to store. Through data analytics, previously unused datasets are processed and structured into meaningful information that can drive key decision-making throughout an organization.

Data analytics also improves efficiency. There are employees in all types of organizations who perform repetitive tasks. These tasks are important for the organization and need to be completed. Through workflow development, repetitive tasks can be automated, allowing employees to spend time on other activities that add value.

Our Approach to Data Analytics

When it comes to data analytics, EEPB InnovaTax offers more than a standard product requiring expensive and time-consuming modifications. Our team of data experts provides customized solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. With expansive professional and business backgrounds, we deliver a unique viewpoint that intersects the business and data worlds. Our extensive analyses of data produce information that will drive important decisions throughout an organization

Data Analytics Techniques

Data Visualization / Dashboarding
We transform data into information for better decision-making.

Data Automation
We create time efficiencies by reducing the time employees spend on simple repetitive tasks.

Geo-Spatial Mapping
We develop key insights for organizations tracking GPS data.

R&D Tax Credits do not just impact the current year, they can be carried back one year and forward twenty.

As our name suggests, we are innovators. We have created a high-quality work product that helps organizations develop solutions within a rapidly growing field.